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Won­der­ing how work­shop par­ti­cipants feel about the Advanced Prac­ti­tion­er Train­ing I offer? Find out by read­ing these testi­mo­ni­als by doulas, mid­wives, and oth­er health prac­ti­tion­ers who have taken A Safe Pas­sage train­ing so they could learn how to sup­port sur­viv­ors of abuse through preg­nancy, child­birth, and the trans­ition to par­ent­ing.


"Hi Jodi — thanks so much for this past weekend. It was a wonderful experience, one that was overwhelming and also inspiring.

We CAN make a difference — wow!"

~ Debra Bowser, CD(DONA)

Don’t know quite how to thank you… I have come away a dif­fer­ent per­son and will carry this with me… touch­ing so many aspects of my life not only as a woman and moth­er but as a friend, doula and sis­ter-in-law.”

~ Sandra, CD(DONA)

"Jodi — Thank you so much. I appreciate all that you shared with us during the workshop; it has given me more confidence in this aspect of my practice. Best wishes,"

~ Michelle, Licensed Midwife, MA

As doulas, at some point in our career we are bound to have a cli­ent open up to us and dis­close an abus­ive or trau­mat­ic exper­i­ence — Do you know how to respond? Do you know what to do with that inform­a­tion? Do you know how she may react in labour if she’s been a vic­tim of child­hood sexu­al abuse?Before this week­end I didn’t know the answers to any of those ques­tions. Now I do. I feel a hun­dred times more com­fort­able and con­fid­ent with my role as a doula. I feel empowered with this know­ledge and strongly feel that ALL doulas should attend this train­ing.

Jodi deliv­ers a power­ful and dynam­ic work­shop on sup­port­ing women sur­vi­vi­ors of abuse through the child­bear­ing year in a man­ner that is sens­it­ive, com­pas­sion­ate, and true. The mater­i­al is eye-open­ing, and the format of the work­shop has a great flow where the learn­ing object­ives are covered at just the right pace for the group.

Although the first day is very heavy with facts and can be emo­tion­ally tax­ing for some, Jodi stops peri­od­ic­ally to check in to see how every­one is feel­ing and what kind of responses they may have. The pace is kept up, there is group work, small group work, and part­ner exer­cises to use the skills learned on the second day. Jodi is artic­u­late and the work she does is cour­ageous. I felt very empowered by the inform­a­tion and skills she gave us.

How many of us think of our own safety when enter­ing a cli­ents’ home? Did it ever occur to you that the woman may have an abus­ive part­ner, and that abuse JUST star­ted DURING preg­nancy? It makes so much sense to me that this inform­a­tion should be covered in depth at a stand­ard doula train­ing, but that is pretty impossible when a doula train­ing is 2 or 3 days. This train­ing alone needs 2 days for itself.

The time, effort, and money for this advanced prac­ti­tion­er train­ing are well spent. Espe­cially if it could poten­tially save the life of a cli­ent (you nev­er know?), or her from fur­ther abuse, or even if it’s just to under­stand how to bet­ter sup­port her dur­ing her labour, birth and post­partum. You could also save your­self from becom­ing involved in a dan­ger­ous situ­ation. I highly recom­mend Jodi’s A Safe Pas­sage train­ing. Please see her web­site for more inform­a­tion, to see if there is a train­ing near you, or to spon­sor a train­ing!

Thank you, Jodi, for this won­der­ful new set of skills I proudly own!”

~ Tiffany, CD(DONA)

"Just wanted to thank you for a comprehensive overview of the impact of abuse past and present on women of childbearing years. It was wonderful to connect with other professionals at the workshop who support this group of courageous women and increase our awareness and knowledge of the type of services available in the community. I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone involved with women of childbearing years. Jodi is very passionate on increasing the awareness of the impact of woman abuse on the childbearing years."

~ Jo-Anne Campling R.N. P.H.N. Middlesex-London Health Unit