Speaking Services

If you’re look­ing for more inform­a­tion about my Speak­ing Ser­vices, please feel free to con­tact me with your ques­tions. I have been an invited presenter on top­ics ran­ging from trauma informed care in the trans­ition to par­ent­ing for the Cana­dian Asso­ci­ation of Lacta­tion Con­sult­ants, to screen­ing and respond­ing to abuse in the child­bear­ing year for the Cana­dian Pren­at­al Nutri­tion Pro­gramme. I have presen­ted as an invited speak­er around the world, includ­ing Johan­nes­burg and Cape Town, South Africa on the top­ic of abuse dur­ing child­birth, and Atlanta, Geor­gia,  for the Nation­al Advoc­ate for Preg­nant Women (NAPW) on the top­ic of woman abuse in the child­bear­ing year. I’ve been invited to train health care pro­viders on how to respond to dis­clos­ures of abuse at the Jew­ish Women’s Hos­pit­al in Montreal, QC, and to provide train­ing to the Women’s Pro­gram and Mater­nity Health Care team at Lon­don Health Sci­ences Centre, Lon­don ON.

Speak­ing engage­ments can be booked by the hour, half day, or cus­tom­ized full-day train­ing. I will work with you to devel­op the top­ic or train­ing oppor­tun­ity that best suits the needs of your audi­ence.

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